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This blog is no longer active but I’m working on other projects right now and I’d love for you to visit them too! You can find them at The Ingenium Blog or Ingenium Danceworks!

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hello. i’m cheering you on. have a good summer.

So it’s summer. And that means summer holidays.

And that means I’m off.

I’m not really holiday-ing. More like working on Project X (this is not a joke, but the actual real world work in progress title of my work in the real world (real world being a misnomer since Project X will be online) right now; no connection to the illustrious movie of the same name, though I wish… I seriously, seriously wish); but it’s a kind-of-epic-unconstructed-but-disciplined-full of intense study and attempts at serious real work-nonsensical-lazy-sweet-summer-not/so/holiday… for the next 3 weeks.

So basically, I have no time to get dressed.

(Will this be an issue?)

So this is me signing off in my birthday suit. It’s summer. Have a good one. And do something good with it. Because I’m highly unoriginal and generally sneaky by nature, I’ve stolen a little nugget I read the other night that gave me some summer time inspiration. It’s stolen from here (thanks Katie!), and I’ve kind of predictably Photoshopped it for you so it’s looks pretty and you might actually read it.


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